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Tutorials on how to use Ubuntu at Talua

1. The Ubuntu menus (how to open Applications and folders)
2. Using folders
3. Make a new document and save it
4. Manage folders
5. Save files straight to the correct folder
6. Change what appears in the places menu
7. Move folders
8. Copy files off a USB drive
9. & 10. Install printer software and setup printer
11. Customise (Setup Ubuntu the way you want it)
12. Save as .odt or .doc or .pdf
13. Join a network and copy files off other computers
14. Share your computer on the network
15. Install software
16. Sorry - not ready yet.
17. Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras (to allow mp3s, movies etc)
18. Install some more software (slight sound problem at the end)
19. Install modules in Xiphos Bible Guide
20. Register with Gmail
21. Set up your computer to use Gmail