Connor Photo Talua Ministry Training Centre
information about the college

The purpose of Talua Ministry Training Centre

Talua Ministry Training Centre is designed:

  1. To assist in providing for the churches in Vanuatu highly trained indigenous ministry and leadership.
  2. To provide sound, careful and committed training in biblical and theological studies, of a kind to make such studies relevant to the changing conditions of Vanuatu Culture and society and to the Pacific region and the world.
  3. To be a means of making evident and strengthening our unity in Christ.
  4. To assist in the training of women, to strengthen their role in the Vanuatu of today.
  5. In worship, study, work, fellowship and play to be one community, united by a common faith and common purpose, in obedience to God's will, for the sake of Mission and renewal in the church.
  6. To provide an opportunity and build an atmosphere conducive to ecumenical learning for action, and where the unity and Mission of the church are experienced and reflected.

Talua Graduates

The aim of Talua is to produce graduates who show evidence of growth and commitment in the following areas: They should demonstrate a sound knowledge of the Bible, Theology, Church History and Practical Ministry as well as understanding their society and the relationship of Gospel and culture; They should show spiritual maturity by a steady faith and being able to relate well to God and others; They should be people of vision who can relate their learning to the Vanuatu context; And they should have practical skills that will help to build and maintain the resources of the church and community.