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Buying cheap books in Vanuatu

Scripture Union Vanuatu
There is a book shop at Talua with a wide range. We send many of our popular books to the Scripture Union Office in Vila and you can purchase them there at very cheap prices. You can also check the Bible Society office which has a book shop, but I don't know of a web page.

Christian Book Distributors (CBD)
Normally the cheapest for new Christian books. Postage is 35% of the purchase value.

The book price is not always the cheapest, but a flat postage rate of 400VT/book to Vanuatu often makes them the cheapest overall. (Postage is 800VT/book from their marketplace.)

Good for cheap second hand books and they will post to Vanuatu. I have Australia as the default country and when I search for a book it lists all the copies beginning with the cheapest including postage.

Amazon (UK) & Amazon (USA)
Most booksellers on Amazon won't post to Vanuatu so I only use it for books supplied by Amazon itself. They have a flat postage rate per book so it sometimes works out the cheapest for more expensive books.

Reformers' Bookshop & Moore Books
These two Australian stores are often more expensive than the others, but I like to support them because they only stock books that are theologically sound.

Christian Books Melanesia (PNG)
The books are cheap and very good for the Melanesian context, but payment and postage is difficult.

Bridgeway Books (Don Fleming)
Supplier of the popular Bridgeway Bible Dictionary and Bridgeway Bible Commentary. He will send them to Vanuatu at very reasonable prices and you can download the books for free from this site.